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Primary Healthcare

Health To Hope strives to improve the health status of homeless and medically under served populations by fostering the provision of high-quality, comprehensive health care that is accessible, coordinated, community-directed, culturally sensitive, and linguistically competent. We are committed to provide the following services to our highly diverse, heavily immigrant constituency.

                                                                                          General primary medical care
                                                                                          Health screenings
                                                                                          Family planning
                                                                                          Well child visits

Medicare and Medicaid as well as private insurances are accepted.

Behavioral Health

The goal of the Mental Health program is early detection, and intervention to reduce further damage to emotional health. One of the highly prioritized goals of our programs and services is the preservation, stabilization, and rehabilitation of our dysfunctional homeless individuals and families. Health to Hope’s programs and services are designed to strengthen and support the homeless and to give them a sense of hope. Health to Hope uses a holistic, integrated service delivery model with a heavy emphasis on prevention and early intervention.

We have a well trained and credentialed mental health counselors, social workers, clinical psychologists, and psychiatrists staff.  Mental health is the most widely used program seeking professional help for depression, anxiety, adjustment at work and at home, acculturation difficulties, family conflicts, intergenerational conflicts, marital problems, just to name a few. Health to Hope also provides assessments and evaluations for disability benefits and Social Security Income (SSI).

Health to Hope professionals have seen positive outcomes when clients seek help at an early stage, especially in cases of marital discord and family violence. The Agency staff has also noted that most community members who seek help at Health to Hope suffer from chronic, multiple problems and have severe barriers accessing mainstream services. Our Mental Health services include:

                                                                                                 Crisis intervention
                                                                                                 Psychiatric evaluation
                                                                                                 Medication monitoring
                                                                                                 Mental Health Assessment
                                                                                                 Substance Abuse
                                                                                                 Education and Outreach
                                                                                                 Individual, Couples and Family Therapy
                                                                                                 Group Therapy
                                                                                                 Case Management
                                                                                                 Collaboration with hospitals and social service agencies

Internship Programs in Psychology & Social Work

As a courtesy to the surrounding area universities and colleges, Health to Hope offers intensive internship and practicum programs to the graduate and undergraduate level of students. This program is supervised by a Clinical Psychologist, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and licensed counselors. Due to the diverse nature of the agency, many students have chosen Health to Hope to finish their professional training. Health To Hope fulfills all the requirements of professional training for such students.

Our Services