Dr. Bost, MD
​Physician & Board Member

Emmanuel Parakati, MBA
jeff hensley
​Nurse Practitioner
Betty Van horn
​nurse practitioner

Paul Flores
​Director of Outreach
Joel Ombao
​Nurse Practitioner
Dr. Dougan, MD
​Clinical Director
dr.  hyman d. sacks, DO
​Medical director

Karen Olson
​Licensed clinical social worker (LCSW)

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                                 Providing primary care, mental health and substance abuse services to the homeless and vulnerable population.

Dr. mark ashley, MD
​Physician & Board Member

Dr. Julie Van Schoor, MD

Dr. Vanessa Ho, MD
medical director
Bill Scott, MST, CPA
​Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Jean Lafontant, md
​Chief Medical Officer

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Dr. mangoba, md
​Medical Director